Barack Obama’s Daughter Sasha Smokes With Friends in LA In Viral Photos

The daughter of former American president Barack Obama, Sasha Obama was photographed smoking with pals in images that went viral.

Sasha Obama has a reputation for being independent. After pictures of the 22-year-old went viral, who recently received her degree from the University of Southern California, she lately dominated the trends.

Sasha was spotted smoking a cigarette and hanging out with friends while wearing a casual dress. She was seen smoking a cigarette as she exited a Labor Day party in Los Angeles on Monday, 4 September, according to Page Six. She has previously been observed smoking.

Many people have said that Sasha is emulating her father since the photographs went public because he has admitted to smoking up to ten cigarettes a day. Barack Obama, a former president, stated that he began smoking while he was a teenager.

In 2009, he disclosed in a news conference that he had made the decision to give up before beginning his presidential campaign. According to a claim by Daily Mail, Obama stated that his oldest daughter, Malia, had a big part in his decision to resign in his 2020 biography, A Promised Land. He said that was a strong drive because she would always frown and disapprove of it.

Sasha’s pictures can be seen here.

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