Big Xhosa Speaks On Delayed Project With Big Zulu

If you’re wondering why South African rapper Big Zulu hasn’t dropped his song “My Ex” featuring Big Zulu yet, especially after announcing on social media that the Inkabi Record boss dropped his vocals , then you are definitely not alone. .

The singer remained silent about it, even amid threats from angry fans to reveal the number – which would have been his first collaboration with muso. But he finally addressed the topic in a post on his Instagram story.

The singer acknowledged his fans’ discontent, but noted that creativity is a process and not as easy as many people think — certainly not as easy as going outside and peeing. So he would appreciate his fans’ patience while he perfects it.

He also provided a timeframe for the release of the number. letting his followers know there is still more in store for them. His supporters briefly felt at ease after saying those comments as they waited to see what would come next from his orbit. The first well-known rapper Big Xhosa would collaborate with is Big Zulu. He and his supporters are aware of the symbolism of that partnership. It explains why they are antsy.

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