Boity Thulo & Theo Baloyi Ignite Relationship Rumours With Holiday Pictures

When it comes to celebrities and their relationships, you can always rely on Twitter users to make every effort to uncover this. They sometimes get it right, and other times it’s impossible to know.

Anyway, Twitter sleuths are paying careful attention to the South African rapper Boity since some of them have shared pictures that appear to show her with Theo Baloyi and suggest that they might be dating.

Two pictures of Boity and Theo were posted by a Twitter user going by the name of Mans No Barry Roux. A review of the photos they took revealed that it might be the same spot. Although they weren’t pictured together in the released photos, the resemblance of the setting got people wondering. The post is below.

However, as of the writing of this article, neither Theo nor Boity had posted anything about the other on their respective social media profiles; there were no photos of the two of them together at a beach or even close.

They are not concealing their relationship well, if they are in fact dating. Or maybe they want to tease the world a little before making their relationship social media official. Time will reveal whether or not there is any actual communication between them.






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