Cassper Nyovest On Claims He Can’t Rap Following Release Of “Solomon” Album

This year, “Solomon” was one of the most eagerly awaited albums in South Africa. After it was made public, Cassper Nyoest, the project’s creator, was the subject of a flurry of opinions. Not all of the opinions are very encouraging.

For instance, some believe that Cassper Nyovest’s CD actually demonstrates his lack of rapping ability. But what does the rapper believe about what other people think of him? He recently said that.

The songster didn’t seem to care about the remarks that he can’t rap. He said it was unfair to those who truly loved one to give attention to the detractors. He calls it a waste of time that could have been spent interacting with art enthusiasts.

And no, that does not imply that he has consented to the ruling that he is ineligible to rap. He was very emphatic in saying that he can rap, “period.” And no matter what other people think of his rapping skills, he still has that. This stance was taken in response to a fan’s question on Twitter (now X) on why people claim he can’t rap. The dialogue can be seen below.

In addition to touring in support of Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest also released “Solomon” on the same day.






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