Deep Essentials – Koketso EP

Song by Deep Essentials – Koketso EP

Check out Deep Essentials‘ new “Koketso EP” from the outstanding Afro House duo.

Deep Essentials‘ ability to create music is undeniable. With the releases they’ve used to bless fans, the duo has shown themselves time and time again. They know just how to keep the fort secure.

They released a few EPs this year and received positive feedback. The EP “Music Saved My Life” kicked off the year. Craig 0920, Ex Flavour, and 29 Mindset were among the artists included on the project’s three tracks. They also released the four-track “Whispers” EP, as well as the “Haibo – VSOP Mix” with Fatso 98.

The pair has returned with the new “Koketso EP.” The EP has seven tracks and features A.m.o.r as its sole guest act. Listen to the tracks by clicking on the links below. Also, this week, put them to a playlist of your choice.


1. Deep Essentials – We Are African
2. Deep Essentials – Clear Waters
3. Deep Essentials – Baby
4. Deep Essentials – Limitless
5. Deep Essentials – For The Groove (feat. A.M.O.R.)
6. Deep Essentials – In Broken We Trust
7. Deep Essentials – Pictures And Memories


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