Holly Rey – 3AM Pt. 1 EP

Holly Rey – 3AM Pt. 1 EP

The incredibly gifted vocalist Holly Rey has made a comeback with a stunning new EP named “3AM Pt. 1.”

Holly Rey just made history on The Masked Singer SA when she became the first person to win the golden award. Fans have praised the singer for winning the event despite appearing to be a lollipop.

She performed a great job on “Slow Down,” her first release of the year. She came back again with the song “Ngiyazifela.” She also didn’t let us down with it. Fans enjoyed her subsequent release, “25 To Life,” which included Blinky Bill‘s contributions.

Holly Rey has returned to the scene with the release of her new EP, “3AM Pt. 1.” There are five tunes on the album, and Blinky Bill is the lone guest performer. To hear the music, click on the links below. Include them in a playlist of your choice as well.

3AM Pt. 1 EP Tracklist

  1. Holly Rey – Ngiyazifela
  2. Holly Rey ft Blinky Bill – 25 To Life
  3. Holly Rey – Inhiliziyo
  4. Holly Rey – Crazy In Love
  5. Holly Rey – Time

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