Mizo Phyll – It Was Written Album

Mizo Phyll – It Was Written Album

It Was Written,” a new album by Mizo Phyll, is now available.

There is no better way to make a statement in the music business than to release an album that will be well-received by listeners. With a brand-new project, Mizo Phyll has recently returned to the scene and is making sure we don’t forget about it too soon.

The accomplished musician ended the prior year with the tune “Phanda.” It was a joint effort with the well-known artist and singer Makhadzi. Additionally, he made a comeback in March with the single “Missed Calls.” On the song, he performed a terrific job.

Mizo Phyll has released her new album, “It Is Written.” Slimm, Una Rine, and Crosswave all contributed to the project’s thirteen tracks. They all worked really hard on it. To hear the music, click on the links below. Also, this week, include them in a playlist of your choice.


  1. Mizo Phyll – Lufuno Lwanga
  2. Mizo Phyll – Ojo Lewa
  3. Mizo Phyll – A thi nga Dovhi
  4. Mizo Phyll – Chifo Charge
  5. Mizo Phyll – Fhumula
  6. Mizo Phyll – Stay The Same
  7. Mizo Phyll – Wrangler
  8. Mizo Phyll – Winter
  9. Mizo Phyll – Kerekeni
  10. Mizo Phyll – Luvhone
  11. Mizo Phyll – Livhuwani
  12. Mizo Phyll – Be My Love

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