Mthandeni SK – Amakhothangqoko Album

Song by Mthandeni SK – Amakhothangqoko Album

Maskandi musician, Mthandeni SK has returned with a new album titled “Amakhothangqoko.”

We must applaud the Maskandi music scene for their efforts on the radio this year. The music has been steady, and the musicians have done well to keep genre aficionados entertained.

We should also recognize Mthandeni SK for his work this year. He released his album “Iskhova sikaZwelonke” in early August and returned a few days later with the single “Paris” featuring Lwah Ndlunkulu. The concept received a positive reception, and he proceeded to work on it.

He’s published another record in less than a week. He called it “Amakhothangqoko.” Jaiva Zimnike is the only contributing act on the album, which has 11 tunes. Listen to the tracks by clicking on the links below. Add them to a Maskandi playlist of your choice as well.


  1. Mthandeni SK – Esandlwane
  2. Mthandeni SK – Noma Ungasuza
  3. Mthandeni SK – Inhlalibathatha
  4. Mthandeni SK ft Lwah Ndlunkulu – I Paris
  5. Mthandeni SK – Ngehl’egoli
  6. Mthandeni SK – Sakhulelempini
  7. Mthandeni SK – Ukhakhayi Lwalungakaqini
  8. Mthandeni SK ft Jaiva Zimnike – Impuphu
  9. Mthandeni SK – Amakhothangqoko
  10. Mthandeni SK ft Sminofu – Mubi Kamnandi
  11. Mthandeni SK – I Gandhi Square
  12. Mthandeni SK – Idombolo


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