Nasty C And Sammie Heavens’ Relationship Inspires Mzansi

Nasty C’s relationship with his girlfriend is always a topic of discussion on social networks. Once again, their relationship is under scrutiny as he prepares to release a new album titled “I Love It Here”.

It will include both mother and child in the project. Nasty C’s relationship with Sammie Heavens dates back to when they were much younger and still in school. At that time, he was not famous and she herself was an unknown face. But they found love and have been together ever since. The high school sweethearts are expecting their first child, and their bond is even stronger. They rarely miss an opportunity to express their love. Of course, Mzxansi was not oblivious to all of this. Nowadays, many people even admire them for their relationship goals.

The two have avoided the controversies that haunt the profession, unlike many other celebrity partnerships. Nasty C once admitted to cheating on his fiancée Sammie, but they were able to patch things up amicably.

They recently enhanced the attractiveness of their relationship with a photo of themselves enjoying one other’s presence, which was posted on Twitter. It was all said in the caption. Love is lovely.

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