Nomcebo Zikode Under Fire For Posing With Alleged Murderer, Livhuwani Madadzhe

Musician from South Africa, Nomcebo is caught up in a drama that she doesn’t want to be a part of. Livhuwani Madadzhe, the alleged murderer, shared a photo of their standing together, which set off the entire incident.

Internet users were startled and incredulous when they spotted the Grammy-winning musician standing with Livhuwani Madadzhe, and many of them criticized Nomcebo for doing so.

Livhuwani Madadzhe is charged with killing his wife and dumping her body parts in an abandoned pit lavatory. He is currently on bail while being tried for her murder. Following a successful bail application, he shared the images. Check out the illustration below.

Many South Africans were greatly alarmed to see Nomveno taking pictures with Livhuwani Madadzhe. They questioned her relationship with the man in light of his tarnished reputation.

However, some social media users defended her, arguing that the photo had to have been shot before Livhuwani Madadzhe was identified as a possible murderer. They assumed she was a famous person who was merely posing with a fan and had no idea who he actually was or what his albums were.

It is unclear whether or how Nomcebo will respond to the criticisms.

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