Sfarzo Rtee – House of Sgija II EP

Sfarzo Rtee – House of Sgija II EP

House of Sgija II” is a brand-new initiative from Sfarzo Rtee.

With his new track, Sfarzo Rtee is already having a great week. The gifted hitmaker joined the group of Piano artists who contributed new music to the airwaves. Since the beginning of the year, he has been working hard.

Sfarzo previously performed with Omit ST, MaWhoo, and dropped the song “Zinyanya Zami,” which included Stacy‘s talents. Additionally, he appeared on the TheBoyTapes DBN Gogo and Tman Xpress song “Ziphi” together with DrummeRTee924, DQ Official, and the song. Jay Sax and Nanette were also featured in his song “Leave You.” The list continues.

After a brief absence, Sfarzo has returned with the “House of Sgija II” EP, a brand-new production. The seven-track album includes contributions from a number of artists, including Mick Man, Chronical Deep, Kelvin Momo, DBN Gogo, Mdu aka TRP, and others. You can listen to them below and add them to a playlist of your choice.


  1. Sfarzo Rtee – Handro
  2. Sfarzo Rtee – Grass Touch
  3. Sfarzo Rtee & Mick Man – Stellenbosch
  4. farzo Rtee & Chronical Deep – FORESHORE PLACES
  5. Sfarzo Rtee, Kelvin Momo & DBN Gogo – Washaaa (feat. Shaun 101)
  6. Sfarzo Rtee & Mdu a.k.a TRP – Impilo (feat. Mashudu)
  7. Sfarzo Rtee, Fakewell & Shakes & Les – Weje 26


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