Stilo Magolide – Imbuzi Ayibuzwa EP

Stilo Magolide – Imbuzi Ayibuzwa EP

Rapper Stilo Magolide recently made it known that he is still working on music, despite the passage of time. You can listen to the songster’s brand-new “Imbuzi Ayibuzwa” EP here on Buzzyvibes, your go-to source for everything South African in terms of music and entertainment.

The “Imbuzi Ayibuzwa” EP by Stilo Magolide is a sparse collection with only four songs. Furthermore, the rapper was prudent enough to limit the number of guests on the album. On three of the tracks, he held court alone; the third tune, “Thando,” featured Sjava and Big Zuklu as guests.

Even if Stilo Magolide isn’t constantly making headlines for his music or for any other reason, the singer certainly understands how to get people’s attention when he does. This power is demonstrated by his most recent compilation. You should enjoy looking it over right now. Simply press the play button to start the song.


  1. Stilo Magolide – Best
  2. Stilo Magolide – Hololo
  3. Stilo Magolide ft Sjava & Big Zulu – Thando
  4. Stilo Magolide – Saba


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