Video Of “Drunk” Kabza De Small Ignites Debate – Watch

Being a celebrity has some drawbacks, including the inability to truly hide from the public. Whatever you do, you are constantly being watched. There is abundant proof of this all around us. Kabza De Small, a South African DJ and producer, only recently learned this when he went to get his hair cut.

The singer may be spotted visiting the barber in a video that is currently going viral online. Fans, however, believed that he had consumed far too much alcohol and was pretty tipsy based on how he seemed in the video. This made me worry about him.

Fans flooded the comment section with their reactions to the video. Some people took the chance to mock the performer for “being drunk.” Some saw it as an opportunity to lecture him about the importance of drinking responsibly since, in the long run, his liver would suffer. Check out the video clip down below.

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Kabza De Small himself had not responded to the controversy generated by the video. And he probably wouldn’t, unless the hype surrounding the clip got out of hand.

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